Suzane Usein

Education: Graduate in Gender Studies at UKIM - Faculty of Philosoph/ Institute of Gender Studies and Master of Sociology and Social Anthropology - CEU (Budapest, Hungary)

Working position: FRIDA|The Young Feminist Fund – Consultant



Silhan Saitov

Education: Graduated Doctor of Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine at UKIM - Skopje

Masters Degree in Public Health - Public Health and Health managment 

Working position: Project Manager at Romaversitas, North Macedonia until August 2019



Salije Ibraimi

Education: Bachelor of Laws from SEEU - Tetovo


Working position: Ministry of Justice - Free Legal Aid Sector and Political System





Kenan Tair

Education: FINKI (Faculty of Information Science and Computer Engineering) at UKIM - Skopje

RGPP  - student on a preparatory course for a master's degree in Budapest

Working position:  Freelance graphic designer and video editor



Arijeta Tahiri

Education: Student at the Faculty of Medicine (General Medicine) at UKIM - Skopje.



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