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Executive director   

Elvis Shakjiri is one of the founders of the Institute for research and policy analyses – Romalitico, and a manager of the Law program. In 2010 he graduated from the Faculty of Law at the South East European University and later continued his MA studies in Budapest-Hungary at the Central European University in the Human Rights Program.


After completing his master’s studies, he is awarded with fellowship at the Policy Research & Consulting Institute – Political Capital in Budapest. During the engagement period his main focus is in the field of electoral models and political campaigns. Prior to the establishment of Romalitico, he worked in several non-governmental organizations as a legal advisor and coordinator of several projects. During his work, Shakjiri as an author is contributing for the researches and analyses carried out by the Institute.



Program Manager - Politic  

Suad Skenderi graduated Political science, International Relations and Journalism at FON University. During his studies he was a volunteer at the Humanitarian and Charitable Roma Association "Mesecina" - Gostivar and a club coordinator for the youth network "Blue Sky" supported by the British Council. In 2009, he was promoted as an assistant in the sector for Human Rights and Inter-ethnic relations at "Mesecina" - Gostivar.  


He implemented several projects related to inter-ethnic dialogue and Roma among the other ethnicities in Macedonia. Suad Skenderi is one of the first pioneers of community organizing in the Republic of Macedonia. Romano Avazi in 2012 was the first Roma civil movement with an aim for equal representation of Roma in the state and public administration. He successfully finished the "Roma Access Program" and enrolled for masters degree in the Political Science Department at the Central European University in Hungary - Budapest. His specializations in the field of political science are political representation of minorities, research methodology.



Program Manager - Economy   

Albert Memeti is one of the founder of Romalitico, and also a Manager of the Program for Economic Development. His research interest is in the field of employment, budget monitoring, local finances and entrepreneurship of Roma. He holds an MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets from the Central European University, Budapest. Also, at the moment he is enrolled at the Frankfurt School of Business and Management, pursing executive program in the field of Risk management.  


Prior to join Romalitico, he was also a Country Coordinator at the NGO Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initative, responsible for coordinating a team of Business Facilitators in Bulgaria, establishing relations with the Microfinance institutions in Bulgaria. In addition, in 2014-2015 he was engaged as a Risk Analyst at the Social Investment Fund – CoopEst from Brussels, providing debt financing to Microfinance Institutions. While in CoopEst, Albert has completed several due diligence missions in Bulgaria, Armenia, Moldova and Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the period 2016 -2018, he was also a project manager of the project “Improving Roma Employment through Education and Employment”, supported by the EU fund and implemented by the Roma Education Fund and local partner organizations. Albert is committed advocate for advancing the position of Roma and economic empowerment of the Roma community in Macedonia and EU.



Program Manager - Local Democracy   

Deniz Selmani has graduated from the study program for Public Administration at the South East European University in Tetovo. He continues his education by enrolling his master studies at the same university in the study program for Diplomacy. In 2017, Selmani has been engaged as research fellow at the Center for Economic Analyzes - CEA where he developed a research on the concept of otherness and entrepreneurship.


Also, Selmani, as a national expert of the OSCE Mission to Skopje, has conduct a comparative analysis of the implementation of the Convention for the Protection of National Minorities in Macedonia, as well as a draft methodology for identifying persons without documents. His research interests are political parties, electoral models, as well as monitoring the implementation of public policies aimed at inclusion of the Roma community.



Program Manager - Law  

Maria Sulejmanova is a graduate lawyer at the Faculty of Law - Justinian I in Skopje and holds master degree in Human Rights from the Central European University - CEU in Budapest. She is also alumni of the CEU and the RAP program in Budapest. During her undergraduate studies, Maria singled out volunteer experience in various institutions and NGOs, such as the Ministry of Justice, the Court of Appeal - Skopje, ELSA, Romaversitas and MOF. After completing her master studies, she was also an intern at the Roma Rights Center in Budapest.


Maria has the position of a junior researcher at Romalitico and she believes this experience will increase her willingness to engage in future engagements as an advocate and lawyer in the field of human rights. This experience also provides unique knowledge about issues related to the Roma and generally with the overall policy analysis process. Therefore, she is strongly motivated to upgrade, work and develop in a creative and highly ambitious environment where the initial criterion and principle of work is critical thinking. Her interest is directed at the analysis of laws, constitutionality and collision between laws, research aimed at targeting competent institutions, as well as comparing public policies and laws in different countries.



Junior researcher - Economy   

Muhamed Ajvaz has graduated from the Institute of Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje and continues with his postgraduate studies at the Institute for Sociological, Political and Juridical Research at the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje, in the field of Political Science and Human Rights.


He has been involved in the civic sector: as a local coordinator in the NGO “Romano Avazi”, as a researcher and editor of a student magazine in the NGO “Romaverzitas” then as a trainer and event organizer in the NGO “Sumnal “ and as project coordinator in the field of changing the negative narrative toward Roma in the healthcare institutions in the NGO “HERA”.

During the studies, he was an intern at the Primary school “Brakja Ramiz and Hamid” and at the Gerontology Institute “13 November”. He is one of the organizers of one of the biggest Balkan student camps “Philosophijada”, where he has previously won the fourth place in a debate at a Balkan level. He was awarded a plaque for successful promotion of the Faculty of Philosophy, also he was named the best student in the  academic year of 2015/16 by NGO “Romaversitas”. Muhamed has the position of a junior researcher at Romalitico because he believes that the research provides insights, facts and evidence that provide a stronger position in advocating for marginalized groups.



Finance assistant   

Simona Simova is a graduate marketing manager at the European University - Skopje. She continues her education at the Institute of Economics Cyril and Methodius - Financial Management. She acquired her first experience in marketing as an intern in MPM and Idea Plus, where she mainly worked on marketing research on the Macedonian market.


In June 2016 she started as an intern in Croatia Insurance - Life to progress later in a Coordinator for billing and customer care. She continues her financial experience in the Institute for Analyzes and Public Policies - Romalitico, where she holds the position of financial assistant.



Project manager (Roma Inclusion Activity)   

Enes Bilalli has spent his teenager years using his personal and career experiences to help his community overcome day to day existential problems and provide them with the support they need when their life seems to be more than they can handle. As a freshman who spent his time in building skills out of the study hours, as Roma student he managed to become part of the Career Center by the South East European University. 


Afterwards the second year of his studies he managed to work on Finance department by the South European University, he basically learned the basic skills such as communication, financial literacy, team building and all needed tools for a community leader. Early on, while he was studying, he became part of the organization for strengthening and organizing the Roma community - Romano Avazi, where he managed to practice all the prominent skills learned before as well as building new capacity skills and knowledge by organizing different activities withing the community such as petitions, protests, debates etc. After his studies he became one of the founders the civic initiative AVAJA and part of the national team for organizing the Roma community. He also managed to be part of the Civic Engagement Project financed by USAID–Fellowship Program –LEAD MK 3rd Generation. He independently managed to implement a project and series of activities that promote and built multiculturalism in several municipalities across the country, practically by portaiting similarities and cultures of the Roma community visa vi other monirities in Republic of North Macedonia. He holds a Bachelor’s in English language and literature from South East European University.



Project manager (Roma Inclusion Activity)   

Asib Zekir is a Roma activist and one of the founders of Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initiative- REDI Skopje. His economic knowledge and background he is proving as an intern at the microfinance institution Horizonti. He started his activism in 2013 as a member of the "Ternengoro klubi tari Shuto Orizari" where he volunteered in several activities related to the Roma community. 


Since 2016, Asib joins the NGO HERA as a person responsible for coordinating Roma health mediators, a project supported by UNICEF. After a while, Asib also works part-time for people without identification and citizenship in the Macedonian Young Lawyers Association, a project supported by the UNHCR. From 2017 Asib focuses on the field he studies and completes a 6-month internship at MFI Horizonti where he acquires the relevant knowledge and experience of an independent credit officer. After the internship, in 2018, Asib starts his career in the Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initiative - REDI as a business facilitator and in 2020 develops his career and experience in the Program Manager position. Currently, Asib is managing the Social Enterprise REDI Recycling and he is project manager in Romalitico in the project "Roma Inclusion Activity" supported by USAID.



Project manager (Roma Inclusion Activity)   

Shenas Imer, graduated historian and archivist at the University "Ss. Cyril and Methodius" - Skopje at the Faculty of Philosophy. She believes that volunteering should be a feature of every young person, so during her secondary and higher education she tried to be active as an activist and volunteer in various NGOs. First of all, as a long-term volunteer, coordinator of the social-humanitarian sector as well as leader of the Youth Club of Shuto Orizari within the "Red Cross - Skopje". 


Later  a volunteer in the NGO "Sumnal" as well as a paralegal/ facilitator in the NGO "Romano Chachipe". She is a co-creator of a research related to the Roma community on the topic "Problems and needs of Roma students at the beginning of their studies conducted within the Association of Citizens Romaversitas".



Communication officer (Roma Inclusion Activity)   

Acquired in Skopje, Macedonia, Kenan Tair’s background in computer science and engineering focuses upon software engineering and UX/UI design. Throughout his studies, he worked on many web and mobile applications as an intern for several IT companies, to whose work he contributed by offering fresh and innovative ideas regarding better user experiences and designing more user-friendly interfaces. In his projects, he combines many fields, such as education, e-commerce, health, entrepreneurship, marketing and graphic design. 


He has long been involved in the NGO sector as an IT consultant, volunteer and activist. His work includes building web pages for different companies, preparing complete solutions for e-commerce sites and working on mobile applications for preventing health issues through a healthy diet. He uses his technical knowledge to help the Roma community in a way that is accessible thanks to the era of digital democracy. Kenan plans to expand his knowledge of computer science by pursuing the field of business management so he can develop his own business that will benefit the Roma people.


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