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2017 – October 2018

Civil Society for Roma Integration – In the Shadow

The main goal of the project is shadow monitoring of the progress of implementation of the National Strategy for Roma in Macedonia and its national action plans, research and advocacy for policy change for improved and better effectiveness of its implementation. Romalitico participates in the process of planning and development of the operational plan with the following activities: planning, monitoring, implementation, coordination and fulfillment of other activities in correlation with the needs of the project. Participation in the process of planning, monitoring and evaluation of the whole project.
2017 – 2019 ; 2019 - ongoing

Institutional support

The grant is dedicated for institutional development of the institute and becoming an influential think tank in Republic of the North Macedonia and EU that will advocate by using evidence based research and policy analyses on behalf of the Roma community.
01.01.2019 – 31.12.2020

Civil Society Fund for Roma Integration 2020

Overall objective: Increasing the long-term employability of marginalized Roma communities through adult education and training, literacy programmes, and increased access to early childhood education and care. Specific objectives: • To hold government accountable for the implementation of the National Roma Strategy and ensure higher level of implementation of the activities related to the NAP; • Increase realization of the National Budget with a target of 85% realization of the planned target and increasing the National Budget with a target of 20% increased budget year – to – year; • Initiated Procedure for Constructing a Social building in the municipality of Shuto Orizari; • Changing the Methodology for allocating the jobs in the state and public administration.

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